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Does B1 service mean wheel balancing?

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Hello everyone.

i just happen to be in zip 60173. I had15% oil life wrench pop up with a B1 service code on my 2014 CRV. I took it to the dealer. And the service writer, let's call him "dave", said I need to get the wheels balanced. A total of $190, and oh, the tire rotation is free. I asked him why do I need wheel balancing. He said, when the B pops up, it means wheel balancing. The "A" code is just oil change. And the '1" is tire rotation. No other dealer in the past five years ever said the B code means wheel balancing. I declined and just had the oil change and tire rotation done.

Did Honda change their MM codes? Does B now mean wheel balancing?
I want to make sure I am getting the right service done. Thanks.
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My 2014 Owners Manual has the Maintenance Minder codes on Page 274.

B code (A is just oil change):
● Replace engine oil and oil filter
● Inspect front and rear brakes
● Check parking brake adjustment
● Inspect tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots
● Inspect suspension components
● Inspect driveshaft boots
● Inspect brake hoses and lines (Including ABS/VSA)
● Inspect all fluid levels and condition of fluids
● Inspect exhaust system#
● Inspect fuel lines and connections#

Subcode 1 = rotate tires (not balance)

And I don't see any combination of codes that says "balance the tires".

The Service Writer makes more money for the dealership by selling you services you don't necessarily need. And I have to say that I believe most people just say "Okay, do it".

When I get the wrench displaying I check the codes, write them down, then confirm in the Owners Manual what needs to be done before I ever contact the dealer to schedule an appointment. I also print out a list of what I want them to do, and tell them nothing else needs to be done - actually I print two copies, and make sure the person that meets me at my CR-V when I pull in gets a copy of the list, and knows that I also have a copy (in case they "lose" their copy).

And yet, almost every time they come into the waiting area and try to sell me something I didn't ask for. One recent service visit he came in with a plastic card that had two spots of transmission fluid on it. One was bright red fluid that was obviously out of a new bottle, and the second spot was pinkish but had a brownish cast to it. A subcode 3 is change transmission fluid, which wasn't one of the codes I had on that visit. So I declined, and again told him to only do the services I had requested on the list I gave him.

The Service Department is there to sell services, not help you save money while maintaining your vehicle to the standards that Honda recommends.
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