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Does B1 service mean wheel balancing?

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Hello everyone.

i just happen to be in zip 60173. I had15% oil life wrench pop up with a B1 service code on my 2014 CRV. I took it to the dealer. And the service writer, let's call him "dave", said I need to get the wheels balanced. A total of $190, and oh, the tire rotation is free. I asked him why do I need wheel balancing. He said, when the B pops up, it means wheel balancing. The "A" code is just oil change. And the '1" is tire rotation. No other dealer in the past five years ever said the B code means wheel balancing. I declined and just had the oil change and tire rotation done.

Did Honda change their MM codes? Does B now mean wheel balancing?
I want to make sure I am getting the right service done. Thanks.
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You were experiencing an attempt at an "upsell" on maintenance. As noted by racoon, there is not "balance tires" on the maintenance code list of the MM.

No harm in the dealer politely trying, and absolutely no harm in you politely declining. If they get testy and insistent about it though... I would pick a different dealer.. and probably lodge a complaint directly to Honda.

The dealer I use for maintenance never tries this, and in fact works very hard to make sure you are fully satisfied when you leave..... because they know Honda Corporate will be sending you a quality of service survey and it appears that at least for my dealer both the service consultants, the service personnel, and the management are dinged in some way by Honda when they receive bad feedback from an owner.
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