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Does B1 service mean wheel balancing?

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Hello everyone.

i just happen to be in zip 60173. I had15% oil life wrench pop up with a B1 service code on my 2014 CRV. I took it to the dealer. And the service writer, let's call him "dave", said I need to get the wheels balanced. A total of $190, and oh, the tire rotation is free. I asked him why do I need wheel balancing. He said, when the B pops up, it means wheel balancing. The "A" code is just oil change. And the '1" is tire rotation. No other dealer in the past five years ever said the B code means wheel balancing. I declined and just had the oil change and tire rotation done.

Did Honda change their MM codes? Does B now mean wheel balancing?
I want to make sure I am getting the right service done. Thanks.
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