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Just dinged my brand new Canadian Touring 2014 CR-V with a nice scratch about the size of the door handle 6 inches below the handle on just the drivers side front door panel, it doesn't touch the rear door panel at all.

Visited 2 body shops so far and the 1st said only the one panel needs painting while the 2nd said that the rear door would need to be painted too as it needs to be blended.

Both shops mentioned blending, the 1st saying that because the paint was only 2 coat not 3 coat (They used the car VIN to check the paint) blending wasnt required. The 2nd shop said that all new cars had paint that required blending.

The difference in cost is alot, but I want to have no reminder of the fact that there was a scratch, so I dont really care if it has to be the more expensive option as long as I am not getting ripped off.

Does anyone have experience with this? in particular the Crystal Black Pearl paint.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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