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Basically, I need to do a major maintenance check-in and Im getting told different things from my local mechanic and the Honda dealership. A little background: I recently had my car assessed at a reputable garage, to see what I needed to have done for my 90k maintenance, plus anything else in need of service. I got a quote for about $1,000, which includes:

-Power Steering Flush ($89)
-Coolant System Flush ($89)
-Brake Pads replaced and Rotors turned ($160.20)
-Transmission Flush ($89)
-Transaxle Oil Filter ($44.50)
-Serpentine Belt ($53.40)
-CHange out fluids on rear differential (53.40) *All these costs are labor only*

A few days later I visited the Honda dealership for recalls and they quoted me $505 (without looking at my car) for the 90k maint, which included: (and is half "fluff" that I can do myself or know that i don't need.)

-oil change, brake inspection, lube calipers, parking brake adjust (basic 10k maint) ($109)
-Engine air filter
-Cabin air filter
-Transmission service
-Brake fluid exchange
-alignment check
-rear differential service

In that visit, the honda rep saw my quote from the other shop in my car and told me
A: My car (as a manual trans) had no transaxle filter
B: None of the systems on my car needed to be flushed (except the brake line). i.e. exchange fluids under pressure
(I really get a bad feeling about this advice b/c I feel like this onion has more layers than he was trying to convince me of.)

SO, here are my questions:

1) Was the dealer telling the truth about my vehicle doesn't have a transmission filter?
2) What are people's opinion on whether to flush or just change fluids?
3) Any advice on how to play this situation and get to the bottom of (taking advice on) what actually needs to be done for mt car.

My next step is to call Honda and see if they will do a free bumper to bumper inspection and give me their quote on what needs to be done for my car.

My apologies for the length of the post and much gratitude to those that take the time to digest all of this and offer help.

Happy day!

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