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Dog crate/guard

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Hi Can anyone recommend a dog crate or decent tailgate guard for my Crv 2008?
I've three big dogs (biggest is rottweiler sized) im trying to stop them jumping out of the back when i open the tailgate.
Ive been looking for ages but the only ones i find are in the £100s or too small.
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I am 100% fan of the Travall dog guard I added to my 2016 as seen in this thread.
Made of metal, secure, doesn't create noise.
You probably won't want the divider with a Rotty, I remove mine when all three dogs come with me. Two goldens and a boxer.
Thank you for your reply.
I think this is the guard that sits behind the seats?
I need something that goes behind the tail gate like an extra gate to open once the tailgate is open.
As the tailgate goes up they can get out otherwise.
That's a little more complicated! This does sit behind the rear seat. I've seen what you are looking for on pick ups and police vehicles. It's sounding like a custom piece of fabrication which is $$$$$.
Plan B, a BIG crate securely tied down, but taking the entire rear end of your CRV.
I have the same need. Something to ensure that they don't jump out when the tailgate opens. Training isn't the issue; concern is in case there's a loud noise/other that might scare them.
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