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Door lock help needed. 3 locks stopped working all at once

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Need some help figuring out what went wrong with the power door locks on my 1999 EX. All three passenger door locks stopped working with the remote. At first they would work once a day (usually on cold mornings). Now they don’t work at all. I can’t imaging all three locks went out together in the same way though I’m sure it’s possible. I did install a new radio and back up cam about a month or 2 before this started. Tapped into the reverse light for the rear view cam to activate. Could it be related?

The drivers side front lock still works fine both unlocking and locking with the remote. The switch on the inside door handle has not worked since I got it. Any thoughts or a recommended diagnostic?

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Can you disconnect the power to the radio & the rear camera see if the locks works again. If not do a reset & see what happens. Have you checked if you get power at the solenoid terminal when the key fob is depressed.
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