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Hi all,
We have two CRV's at home. The first (mine) is a 2001 ES on a 51 plate (UK) and the other (daughter's) is a 2003 SE on a 03 plate (UK). Loving them both although daughter's is off road at the moment. The issue she has is that the tailgate (door) doesn't lock, closes and latches but doesn't lock or unlock as part of the central locking and of course no key access to lock manually. Probably the actuator is defective but so far I am at a loss how to remove the inner tailgate to access the workings (no video's or guides on line that I can find).

Any chance someone can point me in the right direction so she can get her car on the road.

Thank you for being here, shared knowledge and experience is a wonderful thing and I look forward to many many years of CRV ownership.
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