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Drive Shaft removal for better gas mileage

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Hey guys I have 2005 crv with 4wd, previous owner removed the drive shaft, here in Mexico they do that a lot to save on gas but I’m wondering how much of a myth that is?
I go camping a lot and even though I haven’t really NEEDED the 4wd I think I’d be nice to have but I don’t wanna spend more on gas if I put it back on. What do you guys think?
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You need to be the one to decide whether RT4WD is worth it.

The US EPA fuel mileage difference between 2WD and 4WD was ~1 MPG average (8 - 10%) in the combined rating. Some of that was a result of the weight of the differential, of course.

If you have the original driveshaft (AKA propshaft), you need to inspect it to assure that the u-joints are not binding. If you feel notchyness in the joints as you flex them, they should be replaced first.

Some knobby tires (or snow tires) would surely help with traction if your travels take you on wet, muddy roads. But if the trails to the campsite are hard-packed soil, they are less important.
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