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Yeah...update probably removed it.. since it's not supposed to be there unless you have the native Nav system. It IS one of the perks of actually having the native NAV in the CRV.. so I can see why they may have disabled it for anything other then an activated native NAV installed.

So.. for a while.. you and your daughter actually benefited from a "bug" in the Head Unit. Can't say that about any other bugs in the Head Unit that I am aware of. :)
My USA 2017 EXL without Nav has had the “TTD&Compass” Icon since new 02/17. I have had an earlier unnumbered update in June 2018 and the latest TSB 19-066 and it is still there.

I have never selected it but Android Auto uses the Countdown Dashboard display when a turn is approaching automatically. It was an option when I turned on AA the first time back in 2017.

I would contact the dealer regarding your loss.

BTW: Using DII I also turned on the “Average Speed and Elapsed Time” Icon which comes in really handy on road trips.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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