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Greetings all, have a 2011 SE CRV, no NAV just the basic unit. I am not looking to replace the head unit. I have a subwoofer from an old car that I was trying to implement. Have the power and drivers sitting in the back and working, but I can't find the best way to get the existing car audio to the amplifier.

I am not at all opposed to splicing into a existing speaker wire wherever that may be and run that to the back to the amplifier. My problem is that the speakers are in the door, making it hard to get a lead off of those. Tried to trace from under the dash but all of the black shrink makes that hard. Preferably I'd like to leave the radio in the dash and not pull it out for this project, pulling up the plastic trim in the drivers doorway and see a wire harness, I have a feeling something in there is going to a speaker, but wanted to see if there were any other thoughts out there.

Thank You,

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