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I've got a 2001 CRV with very low compression in one cylinder (<60), I haven't wet tested it to see if it's bottom end or just head yet but leaning either way towards a JDM direct replacement as the engine has 230k + on it and figure a swap is probably better to do now. Some checks on ebay found several companies who sell JDM engines with 55 - 65k miles on them for the B20B high compression engine of the 2001 CRV with a price range of around $400 - $700. They all have good reviews with 500 plus sales and offer a limited warranty as long as you're working with a certified mechanic (basically that it starts up and runs). I have an independent ASE certified mechanic (Honda specialist) lined up to do the swap very reasonably. Anyone have any horror or success stories with these ebay JDM vendors? Anything specific to look for/ask? Vendors you had success or failure with?

My timing belt is practically new (less than 20k miles), new distributor, so those will get swapped onto the new engine -- any other accessories I should replace at the same time (I know JDM engines basically need everything swapped onto them from the US version)?

Any reassurances from successful purchases would be helpful or warnings also welcome :)

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