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I purchased a 5.00 key shell on ebay for my wife's 09 V. It broke where the blade meets the fob which I understand is kind of common.
Well, getting it cut was not that easy. I had one locksmith freak out and insist that I buy their blank for $170. "Our machine will take 25 minutes to cut this key and that Chinese metal could break our tools. Blah blah..." Then I had another locksmith who was really cool just flat out tell me that they just can't cut Honda keys with any success. At least he was honest.

I called my stealer (I just happen to not love mine) and asked if they would cut my blank. They had me on hold and said they'd do it for 25.00. Sweet... I went down there where they asked for my license and registration (good think I actually had the car with me) and put it on their computerized machine which cut it in 3 minutes by VIN. How amazing. I switched in the computer from the old key which just drops in. It worked perfectly.

The parts tech was telling me that the immobilizer chip on that car is embedded in the blade shaft. That is not correct for this vehicle. As I understand there is a separate immobi chip -- different from the remote transponder -- in our key. But, this experience tells me it's two chips in one little computer module. As far as that computer module goes; what I learned is don't loose the damn thing. It's a hundred bucks for a new one, programmed. Kind of end of story as far as I can tell. Please respond if you know different.
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