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Can someone verify voltage coming out of the ECU on connector A pin#3 blue wire? This goes to the 2way bypass solenoid by/under the gas tank on driver side. Trouble shooting this P1457 and everything passes on the service manual flow chart. End result says to replace ECU. I checked the ecu output wiring diagram and I'm supposed to be getting battery voltage with IGN on engine off. I back probed the connector on ECU and I'm not getting voltage from ECU. Swapped a spare ECU I had and still getting no voltage from pin#3. I wanted to confirm with someone if they are getting battery voltage on pin#3 with IGN on engine off before I buy another ECU.

Did continuity test on ground and power side side wires - ok
Performed voltage drop on blue wire - ok
Smoked the whole evap system - no leaks
All solenoid in evap system functions properly when I apply power/ground to them.

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