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2005 CRV 2.0
I want to blank off my EGR, just like I did in my previous cars. The cars ran very good with this mod. World of difference.
But, some other cars on the market may get a warninglight coming on, when disconnecting. Blanking off with a thin steel plate works. BUT, if the EGR works with a 'pin' coming don't want a steel plate.
So it is warning light versus technical impossible versus It Works with just a blanking plate..

What is possible for my 2.0 CRV. Just a steel plate and I would be happy.

The biggest difference was with my Opel/Vauxhall Vectra 2.5 V6.. The whole world said "this motor is slow at low revs"... Are you kidding? After my intake and EGR mod I only had to lay my foot on the pedal and the car took off quickly. Slow at low revs totally gone.
I want to do this to my CRV too, but want to ask you if there is any risk in sudden technical issues.
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