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Engine choice for used CR-V ????

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Trawled the internet with a hope to resolve my problem with the decision which CRV to go for. i've been on the merry go round of the internet of got no solid answers, so here iam.

possibly got about £5000 to spend, looking at Great Britain model, i want petrol and the i-vtec engine with the Exhaust and inlet variable valve timing. Found the K series engines have inlet variable valve timing not exhaust, this is on a 2003 model. Can someone please tell me the engine / model of CRV to go for to get the dual cam variable valve timing.
Also can anyone tell me if these engines are belt or camchain driven ?

Thanks H
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The K series engine (2.0L in the UK, 2.4L in North America) had timing chains. If you buy a used engine with more than 100K miles you might want to change the chain. If the engine you buy was run low on oil, it could be stretched.

Sorry not knowledgeable about the engine swaps.

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CRVs do NOT come with full vtec engines for NA or UK versions (dont think they do anywhere). I-vtec has nothing to do with the vtec itself it refers to the fact the vtec whether intake or both is "intellegent" which means electronically controlled is all.

Full vtec 4cylinder engines is and pretty much always has been limited to specific Honda and Acura vehicles, Honda limited to their high performance version cars, designated with "SI" as the version, for the US at least.

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