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Engine no start

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I own a 2001 CR-V and my girlfriend was driving it when it made a loud backfire. She came home and then we drove it all the next day. I went to get in it the following day and I got nothing. I've replaced the coil pack and distributor and the spark ignitor. It still won't start...... I tested the plugs and they are firing but are firing orange and it still won't start. Any help please?
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It's cheaper than buying parts over and over trying to figure out what's wrong. All the internet can do is give you a massive list of ideas. Eventually after multiple repairs you'll finally fix the problem (but how much in wasted money before finally fixing it).

Engine needs 3 things to run. Air, fuel, ignition source. You determined it has spark (though based on description it's weak). So you have ignition source. You also changed parts without knowing if they were the problem which opens the question if they were replaced correctly and not replaced with cheap Chinese parts off the internet.

Now you have to make sure you have fuel and proper air flow (sensors working right, timing belt doesn't need replaced and so on).

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