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Engine on or off when using accessory sockets or giving a jump start?

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Hello forum, one quick question. Should I keep the engine running or turn it off when I want you use the electricity accessory sockets? For example to use the air pump, which takes 30A.

Also when using my car to give someone else a jump start from my battery. Is it better to keep the engine running? or better turn it off?

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If by Compressor the OP means a 12V tire/air mattress inflator, I just looked up this one. It draws 10 Amps, and that would be fine to use on the cigarette lighter.

I use this one, self-contained, no power required from the car:
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I try to never attach anything to my car's electrical system that didn't come with the car. Computers and voltage spikes don't get along well.
That's why I use a self-powered air pump. Charge it at home and it can pump up a dozen tires.
I would never jump anyone from my car, but I do carry a lithium jump starter in case I encounter someone needing a jump.
I note the Hybrid's manual talks about jumping TO the hybrid, but is silent about jumping FROM it.
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