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2017 CR-V AWD EX-L 1.5T, 2018 Accord Touring Hybid
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Hi all, I own a 2019 CR-V Hybrid (I'm the second owner).

Sometimes on start the petrol engine starts running immediately (as opposed to starting in EV mode, which seems to be the norm). This is when I am in Drive, but with my foot still on the brake, before I pull away.

The display on the dash shows that the motor is charging the battery (as per photo), however I've also noticed this happening when the battery gauge on the left shows it as fully charged.
Hybrids are more accurately named "charge sustaining electric vehicles." They will try to maintain the State of Charge in the battery within a small range - in my Accord in ECON mode it is between three and five bars. I assume the CR-V is the same, or at least similar.

When you first turn the car on, it will start the engine to charge the battery if the SoC is below this range, or if the computer thinks there is a reason it will drop below it due to background electrical use. It can also happen if the battery isn't capable of supplying enough power alone, regardless of SoC. The biggest culprit is the automatic climate control. If it bothers you, try turning ACC off before you park the car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts