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Hey guys,

So I lost my key about six months ago. Had a new one made, then FOUND my old key. The other day I accidentally grabbed my old key and put it in the ignition and when I turned it the car didn’t turn over. I quickly realized it was the old key and probably had an old microchip that prevented it from igniting the car. However, when I tried to use my new key the next day, the same problem occurred.

i realized the key situation could just be an unfortunate coincidence and that all I have here is a simple starter or battery issue. So I went and got my battery replaced and still, nothing. The car sounds like it’s trying to turn over but can’t quite make it. Before I call the mobile mechanic or have it towed I figured I’d ask here if there were any anti-theft measures that would result from using an old key to start the car. Anyone know about that?

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If the vehicle's immobilizer was programmed for the new key
Then the old key will not start the engine. It will crank but will not start.
The fuel system will be suppressed.

The security transponder doesn't use a battery.
The keyless-immobilizer control unit sends out a power signal
The transponder responds by sending out a signal.
If that signal matches then it sends a signal to the MICU and the ECM
This allows the engine to start.

Using the old key, it will not make the vehicle - not work with the new key.
What you should look for ..
there is a green key symbol which will show up if the wrong key is used.
It will flash about ten time on the dash and stay lit.
This means the immobilizer is stopping the engine from starting.
If there is no key symbol then there is something else causing the no start
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