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Hello from Greece everyone!

After 3 generations of civics including a EF9, my father went for the 1st gen CR-V in 1998. After that, we bought another 2 CR-Vs, 2nd and 3nd gen which is his current vehicle.

In the mean time, I drove a Civic FN1, a Civic Type-R (EP3) and currently own a Civic Type-R (FN2).

As I grow older however, needs change so I will obviously stick with Honda(till the day I die!) and get my self a brand new Honda CR-V 5th gen!

The problem is that Europe has still to get an official launch of what is the 2017 CR-V in the States and Asia. I believe it will happen at summer 2018.

The reason I joined the forum is to find out a bit about the engine and get some mechanical info on the car. As a Type-R owner, I simply cant settle with a stock vehicle and the new 1.5 turbo may be small but it can become a small powerhouse without destorying its amazing mpg. HONDATA has already a solution but I was wondering if anyone installed a slightly larger intercooler, changed the downpipe etc. I am also interested in finding out what did the owners do (if anything) with the brakes. Can for instance the FK8 brembos fit 18" wheels and what is the maxium ET the wheels can go for fitting larger brakes?

I better get to doing some reading!

thanx for having me!
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