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Evening all! Hopeful owner here. lots of ?s

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Hello all, tonight my wife and I went to a local dealership and I found a 2015 CRV EX Modern Steel Metallic that I'm quite fond of. Currently I own two civics, a 94 EG8 Sedan K20a2 powered and 2007 FG2 with a built head, FBO FP etc. both that I switch off dailying. time for something new.

Anyhow, the CRV is listed for 13.5k, they are not going any lower. It has 35k miles and has been in a minor accident. Do you longtime owners or new owners have any recommendations? I saw an SE I liked but it was a bit more than I'm willing to spend.

My questions :

the dealer is also claiming that they do not have the key fob only a spare. Im sure all 2015+ Honda vehicles come with alarm systems, or am I mistaken?

Any "issues" I should be aware of? any I should be looking for?

I really want APPLE CARPLAY, what is the best way to get this in an EX? find a crashed touring and replace the unit? Or poney up and buy a Sony or Pioneer? Any recommendations for back up camera retention and steering wheel control retention?

Thanks in advance.
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On the '15 you're looking at - if you buy it, I'd recommend you make the dealer provide two brand new OEM key fobs with it, programmed and working, free, as part of the deal. I wouldn't buy anything from a dealer unwilling to do that. There's no alarm system, but there are multiple functions you need the fobs for. Also, get the crash repairs carefully checked out to make sure they are properly done, assuming they are. If they are not done, get estimates first. What looks minor can be very expensive. On the audio system, like what it has or go aftermarket. It would be very expensive to upgrade OEM to OEM. Wiring harnesses and other parts are different. The big name aftermarket units all have provision for connecting the various peripherals, though you may need to buy additional adaptors. Sony is not one of the big 3, which are Kenwood/Alpine/Pioneer.

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Ask your question either in the Gen4 section or the Electronics area.
No CarPlay on CRVS until the 17.
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