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EX-L auto climate control diag codes?

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Hello friends. 2010 EX-L 4wd no nav.
The issue is that HVAC air is not being directed to the center vents regardless of setting. The blower is operating, air is at appropriate temperature based on the setting. Cabin dust filter has been replaced with no difference in operation.

I replaced the Air mix control motor, which i probably didn't need to do. The air mix flap works fine. When I go to the passenger side, the recirc control motor on the outside of the unit is working correctly.

The mode control motor is not moving at all when I adjust the temp setting from Lo to Hi. I'm assuming that motor is supposed to move along with the other flaps when air should be redirected. I have not traced back the fuse for that next.

I have tried to understand what the climate control self-diag is telling me. It does show one segment error, but I am seeing many different definitions of what that segment means. I can't find a specific CRV list for the segments, but ones for the pilot and accord show different things. In the pic attached, segment "A" flashes indicating that's the error.

- should the mode control motor be moving?
- Does anyone know for sure what segment A means?


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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