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Many CR-V owners and automobile enthusiasts in general are always seeking ways to set their daily drivers apart from the rest of the herd. One way you can do this is by installing exterior aftermarket modifications, such as a spoiler. Ducktail spoilers have sleek and stylish look, but they have become a common thing. If you want to get something unique for your vehicle, Roofline Spoiler can be a great solution!

JKS® - Factory Style Rear Roofline Spoiler with Light was designed for the Honda CR-V 2012-2014. This is a is a nicely and professionally looking alternative spoiler which precise design and fit of your vehicle. Its low profile design adds just the right amount of performance flair. It will be the perfect enhancement to match the aggressive aerodynamics of your Honda. The spoiler is made from automotive-grade ABS plastic, installs easily with screws and gaskets All necessary mounting hardware and comprehensive instructions are included.

This spoiler is available in Unpainted and Painted versions (you can check the paint code by VIN# or with paint code labels, located at the driver side door jamb).

Check prices for your model and see other details here:
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