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I'm in the upstate SC area. Over the last few years, I have familiarized myself with the V pretty well. Unfortunately, my project has come to an end.

Here is a link to my post, along with pictures to my project-V.

Some experiences with this vehicle:
  • Fully re-worked the A/C
  • Re-worked TPMS
  • Suspension
  • Tune-ups
  • Fitment of alternate wheels
  • Audio installation
  • Back-up camera installation
  • Suspension
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Lot's more

I have a variety of diagnostics utilities and tools, including Honda HDS, TPMS tools, and third party utilities for additional features. Please be advised, I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC, but I sure can turn a wrench. :) I have had quite a run with this vehicle, and am an enthusiast of it.

This is NOT a solicitation attempt. Instead, just me sharing my knowledge, experience, tools, and utilities. I will say, this has been my favorite vehicle of all time, and would totally buy it again. If anyone needs assistance, wake me from the dead and I'll be happy to help. Bring a good attitude, and maybe a case of beer, and let the good times roll.
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