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This review is for recent installation of (aka EMS brackets) on a 2013 CRV EX-L Model.

Be advised-- ExtendMySeat brackets do NOT fit ALL listed year CRVs: If you have a subwoofer under passenger seat (like in EX-L & Touring models), then the passenger seat bracket will NOT work for you... unless you choose to remove that speaker like I did. Choice of legroom prioritized over more stereo output. Posting this CRV Customer "Review" to alert other CRV owners regarding potential installation issues because the "Customer Service" at ExtendMySeat is virtually non-responsive at EMS.

Additionally, they state clearly on the EMS website that "No cutting or drilling required"-- FALSE! Floor carpet (about 2-1/2" x 6" slots aft of rear mounts)+ plastic trim requires cutting to fit the new brackets. (about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2"). Personally, if a person 'knows' this going in, it can be okay, if knowledgeable or professional installer-- but ordering the parts (about $525 for both driver & passenger extensions) and THEN finding out about installation problem details for a self-install can prove very frustrating, at a minimum.

Installation Overview: First of all, the $500+ brackets DO NOT come with instructions. I had broken printer and requested a copy of instructions to be included with my order, which didn't happen, so that became a hassle. Anyway, install time is quoted as aproximately 30 minutes: "FALSE", allow yourself a MINIMUM 1 to 1-1/2hrs, as the carpet cutting and plastic trim cutting add time to the project, which the manufacturer does NOT include in their timetable. A few 'other' nice-to-have things for successful installation:
1. Help from a friend/spouse, as it can be ackward moving seat during the installation;
2. It is helpful to have a few scrap wood blocks to prop up seat while trimming carpet and the front plastic rail covers,
3. Use of a Multi-tool (battery or corded unit will work best to trim the front rail plastic above 'new' front mounting brackets);
4. Good lighting (Drop lights or other auxiliary lighting).

Front Seat -- Forward Brakets: Helpful "HINT"-- use of a multitool will allow descent trimming of the plastic seat rail covers without actually taking them off, which worked easiest and proved most efficient. A measurement while holding the bracket up to the unbolted front mount will show you where this trimming needs to occur (about 1.25 inches, if memory serves correct). Again, careful measuring and use of blue masking tape helps identify saw line.

Front Seat -- Rear Brackets: *Important: a.) Use of some blue masking tape can help to identify where to cut, b.) Rear brackets have a nice straight edge that I found useful as type of edge guide for the utility knife cuts.

Increased Comfort & Legroom: I installed EMS brackets on BOTH the driver and passenger seats, for those occasional road trips where I will be riding in both positions, because at 6'5" I barely fit on driver's side in the EX-L model (other CRV models are 'non-option' for tall people). Also, I didn't fit on passenger side prior to the seat extender bracket install.

Trip Report: Just came back from a 1200 mile long trip and happy to report that having room to stretch out LONG legs... well, that was wonderful.

Bottom Line: If customer can allow for some additional installation time, including some minor cutting trimming, this mod will likely work for you, caveat being that if you have CRV model that has a subwoofer under passenger seat (e.g., EX-L & Touring Models), then you have option to remove subwoofer (like I did), or perhaps a stereo shop can suggest a different subwoofer that might fit? You can try, but EMS Customer Service will be of zero assistance (as their "suggestion" was simply to return product).

Good luck!
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