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So I have been having this strange problem now for about a year. I will go for a drive, and when I park and set the alarm, about 5 seconds later, the alarm gets triggered.
The flashing light under the dash claims it was a door that opened that cause it. well no doors were open. Infact, the car knows when the doors are open because it will not let me arm the alarm if any of the doors are still open.....yet when its armed, it says its triggered by a open door.
I end of needing to put the alarm in valet mode so it not constantly going off. I go and do what I need to do, come back, drive home, take the alarm out of valet mode, and its now arming fine.
I dont know yet if its going in and out of valet mode that possibly resets the alarm and it starts working or not, I need to do more trouble shooting on it there. Its so random though, I have no clue what is causing it or when it will malfunction.

I am posting here in hopes someone might have some ideas on it? I tried looking for a service manual for it, but it seems 2014 is not available (yet)?. Even with their pay subscription to on line manuals, they dont offer a service manual for this.
I have taen it to the dealer a few time about it, and drum roll please...........they say there is nothing wrong. At least they don't charge me for diagnosis. So now I am forced to trouble shoot this on my own.

Couple things I noticed when I arm the car.
I hear a few relays click under the dash immediately. After about what seems to be the time when the alarm malfunctions(about 3-5 seconds) I hear one more relay click.
I dont know if this is the problem? Perhaps this last relay doesnt make a good connection, and causes the alarm to sound?

Anyways, I would appreciate any input on this. Things to test, locations of alarm components, electrical diagrams, someone who had this and solved it with duct tape.....anything would be helpful.

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