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burning rubber...

Hi beany.

That's an interesting comment you made. I started to notice exactly the same smell from exactly the same place (as near as I can tell from around the rear offside/drivers side wheel) last month. Had the car since April 09 and it's done roughly 47,000 miles. Don't notice it all the time. I'll have to take note if it occurs more often when it's wet.
Initial investigations have not shown specific cause for the smell as yet. Mainly because I have only noticed it when it happens to be dark and so crawling around looking at the underneath/inside rear wheel with a torch isn't revealing much other than a bit of steam/fumes?? in the torchlight. Will investigate further as and when so if I find anything will post it on here.

Just found this forum and it's my first posting. Hoping to glean some good info from people who know the CR-V as I'm hopefully about to undertake a full 75.000 mile service on this one courtesy of the new Haynes manual!


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