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Have you contacted a Honda dealer in Malaysia? or contacted corporate Honda? Have you received a recall notification via mail?
Does you Honda have the air bags that are being recalled? This is all stuff you should know.
Honda just replaced both airbags in my '04 Accord as it was part of the recall. I received several notices via mail regarding this.
The dealership tech snapped off the bolts holding the air bag system to the driver's side, apparently this is happening in some cases but not all. This required replacing the entire steering wheel. They ordered the wheel but because it would take a couple of days to get it they gave me a loaner car. Overall the experience was very good. The dealership was very upfront and made every effort to satisfy my needs.

Loaner car, 2015 Nissan Altima...yuck did not like it at all, new air bags and steering cost and apologies from the service manager for the trouble they put me through...I was very happy
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