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Can you hear the solenoid activating when you press the FOB to open the rear hatch?
Sounds to me like it might have some moisture in it that freezes when the temp drops. WD-40 can eliminate that problem.
I'd also get some silicon grease and treat the rubber surrounding the opening to help it stick less.

Did you purchase tires that are the same size as originals?

I'd check to see if the pressure is up to 35 psi.
Yes, I know the sticker on the door jam says less but 35 will help the tires last longer and give you less rolling resistance too, which should help with the mileage problem.

As for the heat, our '13 doesn't have that problem so I can't help there, but, it does sound like it's an issue with the vents.

Be sure to let us know what happens at the dealer.
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