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few issues with 2013 EX-L AWD

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Hi all,

First time posting and I could use a little advice/help please.

In case this is required, I bought the car used in January of 2016 and it had about 37k miles on it. It currently has about 64k miles and I live in Dallas, Texas.

Here are a few lingerings issues I have with my 013 EX-L AWD.

1) When its cold outside (yes it does get cold in Texas, LOL :)) I cannot open the tailgate, its like its frozen shut. I can open all of the other doors with no issues. Someone suggested that maybe moisture is to blame but I even if there has been no rain, it still seems like its frozen. This morning it was about 30F and I could not open the tailgate. I should probably also add that when I am at my apartment or at work, my car is in a parking garage so it is not being completely exposed to the elements.

2) When I bought the car, the tires quite a bit of ware so I knew I would have to get new tires in about a year or so. In July of 2017 at about 52k miles, I bought new tires. Since then, my gas mileage dropped from about 25mpg to about 21mpg. Is this even possible? Seems like a steep drop by just changing tires. The tires that came with the car were the original factory tires (Continentals?) and I replaced them with Goodyear Assurance CS Ultratour (based on reviews, they seemed like a good tire at a good price).

3) So this one is weird… when I drive in the expressway at 60mph+, there is some heat coming right at me from the vents even though the heat is off. This morning (again, it was about 30F), I was going about 70mph I turned the heat off and a lot of heat was coming right at me. Obviously, this is coming from the engine (there is a slight stench to the heat). Seems to me that the vents are not working correctly. Any ideas on this one?

I plan on taking my car to the dealership tomorrow (yea, I should have posted earlier) but I would like to know what to expect.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes it could be moisture in the latch preventing it from opening in the cold. Have you checked the tire pressure in your new tires? It could also be that the new tires have more rolling resistance than the old tires. I know that the Continentals are lighter tires. Did the old tires wore out evenly? The dealer might recommend that you do an alignment. If so go for it. If you can do a 4 wheel alignment. I hope this helps.
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