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Hey Gents & Ladies,

First post, and I figured I would make it worth its while.

A little background:

I recently turned 250k miles on my 2004 CRV, 5MT AWD.
No complaints and I love it, great in the snow, great for pulling small trailers, great for my life style.

Anyways, I have owned her for a little under 5 years and she's been pretty good to me.
I have had the normal problems: clutch, suspension bushings, end links, fluid changes, etc., but i have nothing major happen in all those years, nothing that left me stranded persay. Fast forward to last tuesday, it's about 9 am and I am heading to one of our machine shops... a crunch...and then a sound similar to a steam locomotive came from the trans.

It only happened at speed, in or out of gear it made the sound. Shifting was normal, just an odd sound...

Rewind to a few years back and I owned a turbo RSX, I ended up shredding teeth off of second gear. Common for the 6 speed transmissions when turbocharged. It sounded like a blender filled with marbles, and was terrifying to hear.

This new sound didn't sound like that...

Regards, I got the V home and yesterday we got the trans out.

This is what I found.

It appears that one of the teeth on either the final drive or transfer case gear ring let go. Luckily, it only effected the gears attached, however its still gonna run about $500 in parts to get her running again. Also, while I have it apart its getting a TSX 6th gear...The V should have came with a 6th in my opinion.

The timing is not ideal however, as I just sold my Spoon 5.0 FD about two months ago...

Anyways, I'll update my progress as I go.

I searched clubrsx, element owners club and here, and could not find anyone with a CRV/Element with this FD issue. So I figured I'd post about it and share the experience.

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