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After months of researching and visiting craigslist ads claiming they had excellent condition CR-Vs with new "timing belts" I finally purchased a 04 ex awd tonight!

The things I looked for were single owner, clean carfax, and regularly serviced maintenance and I found one with 158,000 miles for $3,800.

It's not perfect and will require some love but there are no leaks and interior/exterior is 9/10.

Repairs needed:
Compliance bushings
Valve adjustment
Motor mount
Axel drive will need to be replaced eventually
Need to figure out what's causing a soft clunk from front left brake
Lock switches dont work but key fob does
Passenger window motor

I've included some pics as well as my 04 sienna I totaled along with my 2015 370z which I had to sell because I moved to the city and didnt drive it enough.

Looking forward to learning from this community and taking the V out for some adventures!


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Looks pretty clean! Excellent price, too! I tried very hard for over six months to find a clean '06 with a manual 5-speed, no dice. Ended up with an '07 and I'm very happy with it so far. I highly recommend you get yourself a factory service manual. Mine has proven invaluable and is very handy as I get to know the car. Look on eBay. I do have questions:

1. Where are you? If near here I can point you towards an ace mechanic I swear by for the things I don't want to do myself.

2. What are compliance bushings? Ain't never heerd of 'em!

3. Axel drive? You mean CV shaft or driveshaft? What makes you think that?

4. Brakes don't usually clunk, but struts or suspensions do.

5. Factory service manual has a huge troubleshooting guide for the door lock issues. System is very complicated!

6. Same with windows. Make sure it's a motor and not a switch or other first.

7. AT or MT?

8. Do you plan a stereo upgrade?

Show us some interior shots, and keep us posted on how it's going. And welcome to the forum!

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Kloker - I'm in the bay area, ca and thanks for your help. my buddy is a certified honda mechanic and has offered to tackle some of the tougher jobs. or ones that require lifts as he can take side jobs at the dealership

the compliance bushings are these rubber cushions in the control arms. they tend to start cracking or tearing at high mileages

Sorry it was late I meant driveshaft.

Thanks for the advice on the service manual to trouble shoot the doorlock and windows. it may be the motor because the window switch does not work on either driver or passenger side

Automatic transmission - unfortnuately my fiance has to drive the V as well and she has no desire to learn standard.

Any suggestions for stereo upgrades? The stock speaker system is very weak

It also came with OEM all weather mats in the front and back as well as a trunk cargo cover!
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