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Wheels and tires play a vital role in your driving experience, that's why it is so important to make the right choice when you decide to replace them or upgrade to a different option. You may easily identify what type of tires you need based on your needs, but when it comes to the right size difficulties cannot be avoided. Luckily we're glad to present your our new online tool aimed to make this purchase easier for you – Visual Wheel and Tire Size Calculator at CARiD!

Why use one?

1. Getting tires with a new size for your existing rims

This tool will help you to find out all the necessary parameters of your wheels and tires, select the optimal size and even compare different sizes to choose the perfect one.

2. Selecting optimal tires for the new rims

If you're looking to get the new aftermarket rims for your Honda CR-V - use our calculator to look up optimal tire size to stay within factory recommended limits. Another great thing about our calculator is that it will link you to the list of all available tires in selected size to save your time and ease the shopping experience.

Whatever reason is yours - we welcome you to try our Wheel & Tire size calculator at CARiD!

Tire Size Calculator | Comparison of Tires —

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