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Hello all I just registered here and figured Id post a issue that I was having with my 97 crv. I was having a issue with the torque converter not locking up at highway speeds and a hard start issue when engine was warm. After multiple searches I did the following things as recommended in multiple posts.
Replaced thermostat with a oem one
Changed trans fluid 3 times with honda fluid
Took off cleaned and inspected shift solonoids
Installed new fuel filter
Ignition tune up
Seafoam in the gas.
None of this fixed either issue but did need to be done just the same. Upon having the cpu read by a mechanic friend he found the coolant temp sensor readings were way below spec. Obviously causing the computer to think the engine had not warmed to temp. This caused the torque converter to not lock up on top end and caused the computer to flood the warm engine with more fuel than it needed upon startup when warm. Causing a hard start. I just wanted to share this with the forum in the event someone else is having similar issues. The coolant temp sensor replacement solved both problems in my case. Hope this helps.
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