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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Are you thinking of buying a new or used vehicle?

The RDX is a new generation as of the 2019 model, (3rd Gen). We previously owned a 2018 CRV which we traded in for a 19 RDX, and now we own both a 2020 CR-V and a 19 RDX...In my opinion, the 2017+ CRV (5th Gen) offers more features than the 2nd Gen RDX. Also in my opinion, a CR-V is more "appropriate" for a young driver than the upscale RDX.

Without getting into a long discussion of the oil and gas mixing, the issue seems to have been resolved with a few changes that Honda implemented via updates for existing 2017 models and at the factory for subsequent model years. I don't think I have seen any mention of it in 2019 + models. I could be wrong, and IF I am , surely someone will mention it here. :)

The Mazda CX-5 is a nice vehicle but is smaller than the CR-V inside. Many folks who have cross shopped decide it is too small for their needs, and others are fine with it.
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