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2022 CRV Hybrid
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This was the first time using the new whip to haul drum gear, and it did just fine :) I didn't do a really proper packing job, and I could have fit a bit more hear and there if I needed to, but I didn't really need to, this was a full kit, I didn't leave anything at home. The CR-V Hybrid is a smidge tighter than the 07 Pilot was, but nothing that's an issue. View attachment 157651
Nice, I’m 2 months into my 22 Hybrid and still love driving it driving to the store I didn’t feel any bumps on the road, today I took my old car which is now my wife’s car a 17 Rouge S basic model I felt everything ohh my god the difference. Allot of people complain about the infotainment system but I came from a car with basic radio, and no CarPlay only a 3 inch reverse camera when I saw the infotainment system I was like ohh what have I been missing all these years lol. I think the 23 hybrid are running a different or updated hybrid system kind of glad I got the 22 instead. Usually new models needs a test year for them to work out the kinks and such, that was what the 2020 owners were for, for our generation it came through with not to much problems at all these 2.0 engines are supposed to be beast and should last a lifetime.
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