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flashing key, CEL on, temp gauge not working

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okay, i just drove about 16 hours in my 02 CRV 5 speed, 165k miles or so......

here is the bad part: drove great for about 7 hours, mainly highway. Had to make a stop in a big city for some errands. on one errand, went it for about 45 minutes, came out.....and it was hard starting.

it did start after a little bit of turning over, and the green key was flashing on and off, the CEL light was on, and the temp gauge was not working (didn't move at all, although heater was blowing out hot air).

any engine load (trying to accelerate on highway, going up a slight hill, etc.), I would lose all power. I would have to pull over, put in 1st, 2nd , etc. and then it would drive.

I got it back to where i was staying, popped the hood, wiggled some wires, including the ones going to the VTEC solenoid and some other harnesses by the firewall, and then restarted it and it was back to normal (although i do have an idle issue).

After that initial 'issue' with the drive-ability issues and lights on, I drove it 8 more hours, mainly highway, with no issues.

Any ideas on what the flashing key, CEL, and temp gauge not working might have been? I'm guessing electrical , but not sure.
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The only purpose of an obdii reader is to read codes. If there is anything stored in the ecu the tool will see it.

Sounds like you have a wiring problem. Wires getting hot and possibly shorting to grounds that have a bad connection.

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