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Floor Mats 2005 CRV 5 Speed Manual Trans

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Located in Canada, winter in my part is coming to an end. Need to find better winter floor mats for the CRV.

Weatertech states theirs are not for my 5 Speed. Not sure excactly how the floor contours change from the Automatic to the Manual?

Anyone driving the same vehicle that has found a solution. Ideally something that keeps the carpet nice and dry.

Much thanks
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If the Weathertech mats are a single piece that goes all the way across, the shape may be different. Call & ask (or see if you can get a refund if it's a 'no go').

Husky floor liners (another reputable brand) have individual mats, only one specification.
Yeah I emailed Husky this morning...I might wonder to a scrap yard look at the floors of some CRV's see if I notice a significant differance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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