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Fog Light mod - simple version...

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Like others, I modified my wife's 2014 CRV to use its factory FOG lights with both low and high beams settings as well. And, I also use the FOG lights as DRLs. Unlike some methods, I used a very simple method. re:

A - For its front headlights, replaced its factory H4 Halogen bulbs with H4 LED bulbs. Adjusted their aim and double checked their "cut off" line. Due to risk of H4 LED blinking on its DRL setting, I removed its DRL fuse (#21) - within its under dash fuse box.

B - For its front FOG lights, I simply unplugged its factory H11 connectors and bought/installed my own (parallel) H11 connectors (from ebay). And, ensured the factory FOG light manual switch was set to OFF position. And, it will remain off going forward...

C - Since vehicle has factory FOG light assemblies, I simply replaced its factory H11 Halogen bulbs with NEW H11 LED bulbs. Struggled getting my fat hands into the tight front area small openings but eventually got them replaced. Note: Amazon H11 LED FOG lights - `white / clear` version.

D - I then installed a thick 12 gauge 12 volt wire (black) from frame ground to NEW H11 connectors (bought from amazon). I then connected these new H11 connectors to a different thick 12 gauge wire (green) and then fed the wire under dash area via firewall entry through its rubber seal (above its gas peddle). Installed "add-a-fuse" on its Rear Wiper mini-fuse / #23 position. See below for end-end visual diagram.

E - Since new front LED Fogs are 11W running with estimated max 45W start up, I then installed a 7.5A fuse (in its add-a-fuse) for its new "parallel wiring" - to front LED FOG lights.

F - In a few weeks (waiting for ebay parts), I plan to also install an `optional` surface mount 20A manual switch - to turn its fog lights off (if needed) and ON as well. For example, idling its engine at dark time and one wants / needs the fog lights off. For now, front FOGs are wired direct and are ON when key is ON & OFF when key position is OFF. And, auto off when ignition key is removed (so it won't accidentally drain its battery).

- On order `optional` switch:
- H11 LED bulbs:
- H11 Connectors:

Note: If Roll Back to factory state is needed (like when we sell our vehicle in the future), I simply disconnect its front `NEW` H11 connectors and plug the original `factory` H11 front connectors - onto its H11 LED white/clear bulbs. And, remove its add-a-fuse - located within inner cabin fuse box area. And, re-install Fuse 21 - for factory DRLs. Very simple roll-back (if needed).

To me, using new "parallel wiring" to different H11 connectors (on front of new LED FOG light bulbs) is very simple. And using LED bulbs for Fogs that use low watts means a Relay isn't needed either. Simple direct wiring using thick 12 Gauge wire and 7.5 Amp fuse works.

For visual, see attached diagram.

Hope this helps others...


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