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Fog lights/ off road lights on CRV

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Looking to improve the light situation on my 2004. Outside of the amazon fog light kits with the plastic chorme, what are some fog light solutions or offroad light mounting ideas on the CRV?
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All your going to find anymore is Amazon/ebay fog light kits.

If your looking to improve lighting for driving on the road you only option is cleaning your headlights and buying better headlight bulbs. The fog light kits aren't back but you better at least have a Dremel and decent mechanical skills to install.

Offroad lights is based on your skill level. I have a full compliment of offroad lighting all the way around my 2003. Check my threads for that. But you can't buy any kits specifically for a CRV, so it takes some skills and time to do what I did.

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Looks good! How did you mount the lights in the hood/windshield area? I am seeing some of these (below) clamp style mount that go on your hood online.
Nope, didn't use any of that garbage. Used existing bolt locations and make the pieces I needed so mount lights in those places. Fenders have a bolt point right below where the cowl lights are, there is a stud under the roof rails on each side that allowed me to mount the light bar.

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