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Hello I am selling the subwoofer system I had in my 2008 CR-V. The subwoofer is in a sealed enclosure covered in gray carpet to match the gray interior of my old CR-V. Here are the components I am selling:

1 10 inch Kicker 4OHM DVC Woofer in wood sealed enclosure covered in carpet.
1 Rockford Fosgate IFD Digital Capactitor Model RFC1D
1 Pioneer Class D Mono Amplifier Model: GM-D7400M.

capacitor.jpg amplifier.jpg subwoofer.jpg

I totaled my 2008 CR-V and my new 2013 EX-L AWD already has a subwoofer so I am selling this system for $300 plus packing and shipping costs. This price is firm and I think is a fair price and value. I will be shipping from the Shipping Store on College Park Drive in The Woodlands Texas. They may cost a little more but they do a fine job with packing. You can work out with them how you want the components shipped, packed and insured. I currently live in Conroe Texas despite my user name of Florida_Keith.

The capacitor and the amplifier have scuff marks but both work fine. the subwoofer enclosure box has a slight tear of the carpet on one of the corners but otherwise is in good shape. The subwoofer design is down-firing the actual woofer has always been protected from damage by the wood box. The box is very sturdy, tough, and very heavy. I have laid stuff on top of it without any problems.

Please send me a message if interested.

Best regards,
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