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I just moved back to Fort Worth from the Phoenix, AZ area. I fought with the dealership there for the past 1.5 years to fix my problem with the Honda Link always saying I am " missing .APK files in my root directory" and various wondrous things once my 'smartphone' is connected correctly. First problem is I don't have an Android phone. And I believe the port I plug my iPhone into is loose. I bought my 2018 CRV-ExL in Dec 2017, and started asking why it didn't work in Jan 2018. Nuff said about them.
I am asking for suggestions for a very good or even Great Honda dealership in Fort Worth please. I am currently living in Lake Worth area, and hope to be moving to one of the smaller towns towards Weatherford. So almost anyplace west of I-35 would be great. If anyone has a name, it would be most appreciated!
Thanks a bunch! ?
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