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I have a huge amount of parts left over from stripping a 1999 CRV sport and a couple of parts off a 1998 CRV. At least $1200 for FREE!, you must take the whole lot as I need them gone and do not want to just send them to the tip. You will probably need a trailer/ute to take them all. Items located in Hunter region in NSW Australia

Parts include

Tail lights

Steering wheel

Stalk controls switches

window wiper control module

speedo tacco

steering column and ignition

engine speed sensor

power steering fluid reservoir

Internal light

internal light and sunroof switch

front brake calipers x2

B20S 1999 ECU

Drivers mirror white

B20S door locking mechanism

Centre air vents

Air intake part

A/C metal cylinder

Small fuse relay box

side indicators

roof handles

reverse mirror centre

rear hatch glass

power steering pump

positive battery terminal

pioneer speaker

Passenger sunvisor

Seat belt passenger rear

seat belt passenger front

Mirror control switch

Internal light front with switches

Internal rear drivers door handle

Hatch struts

Drivers window

Seat belt drivers rear

Drivers drive shaft front

Door seals various

Driver front internal door handle

Crank shaft pulley

Bonnet latch

Bonnet hinges

Ash tray

Drivers outside door handle

B20B door rear passenger complete

B20S door front passenger shell

B20S door front drivers shell


Cargo cage

Contact 0401 873 986
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