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I’ve had the same issue with our 2010 CRV. It’s my wife’s car and she commutes 30ish miles one way each day for work so naturally, I was very concerned. I had a fellow gear head take a ride with me and we both thought the noise could be coming from the front passenger side suspension. So I put the car up on ramps and had my wife sit inside and I crawled underneath and banged and rattled stuff until she indicated that I had found the noise. The culprit? The shift cable of all things. It’s like the sleeve looses it capacity to dampen vibrations or something. You don’t have to move it but a millimeter or two, and from the outside it only makes a dull tap, but from the inside it makes that obnoxious “klunk! Ka-klunk!” Is check there first because it’s an easy diagnosis.


I am trying to solve a clunking / rattle sound coming from front passenger side under wheel. Dealership replaced ball joints but sound persists.

The sound only happens at low speeds, over small bumps, and when turning slightly left or right around curves.

My CRV is a 2010 AWD with 188000 Kms. Any thoughts? Thanks.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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