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We have a 2000 CRV w/ 170K miles & auto trans/4WD. A couple of weeks ago it started making horrible clunking noises from the front when turning, and pulled hard to the right. When accelerating, it feels like the front diff is slipping power from left to right wheels, and when it does I can hear a clunk and feel a jerk from one wheel to the other.

I looked through the threads here and elsewhere for causes and so far I've done the following:
1. Replaced both front struts (they needed to be replaced anyway)
2. Replaced both front output axles (the CV boots were ripped)
3. Replaced both front end engine/trans mounts (they were shot)
4. Flushed and replaced trans and rear diff fluids, all Honda fluids were used.
5. Had a mechanic inspect front end suspension and all control arms/bushings, tie rods check out fine.

None of the above work resolved the issue. I ran the car in Drive while up on jacks and it feels and sounds fine, even when turning the wheel. However, when back on the ground and driving, the clunking noise and slipping is still there. I even dropped the rear prop shaft but not difference.

My guess is that I have an internal problem with the front transfer unit or the transmission. Has anyone here run across this issue before? Before I pay for a replacement trans, I'd like to know if there are other possible causes/options.

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