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front end clunking noise

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Good evening!

I have a 2005 CRV that has some clunking noise when I drive over bumps (turning left/right and going straight) and speed bumps. But its quiet on newer smooth roads. The noise seems like its on my driver side. (My city has some of the worst streets in canada)

I jacked the car up and placed on stands. I did the 9 and 3 / 12 and 6 wiggle test for the ball joint/tie rods, and both have no play.

One of the stabilizer links are aftermarket as it as a grease nipple on it. I don't have a grease gun, but the nipple looked crusty with dirt and rust.

Can a malfunctioning stabilizer link cause this clunking noise going over bumps in the road?
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Yes, they can cause all manner of creaking / groaning / clunking noises.
They are not expensive so replace all four as it may not be the crusty one causing the noise.
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