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Hello and thanks in advance for any help I can get here.

I have a 99 CR-V 2wd. We recently replaced some of the passenger side suspension including CV axle, bushings, spindle and rocker arm, etc. I don't remember exactly because I did not do the work but basically my front passenger wheel fell off as I was turning into a parking lot. After the repair I also got new tires and alignment. The tire shop told me both cv axles were going bad but one of them was actually brand new.

Any way today I made a U-turn and when I did I heard some serious clunking, it was a rythmatic clunk like clunk clunk clunk clunk as I straightened out the wheel and drove straight forward the clunking went away but every time now when I make a turn it clunks. Also when I slightly turn my wheel as to switch lanes or something it kind of feels like it sticks.

Found some people had some issues with sway bar links but not sure if thats my problem or not. Just wondering what most common issue with these symptoms is.
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