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Front seats wiggle

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Hello all,

Something I did not find mentioned here was seat wiggle.

Both the front seats, the driver and the passenger seats have a wiggle to them.
They are locked into the slides well enough, but the wiggle is noticeable when I first pull away from a stop, almost as if the seats are loose where they bolt down to the floor. However, as best as I can determine, everything is bolted down tight.

I am a little worried this could be a potential point of failure, but if this is just normal for these seats, I can rest easier.
I do have my eye on a nice looking pair of seats in a CR-V in one of our local salvage yards, but I have never removed/reinstalled a seat with airbags built in.
Does anyone have some thoughts on any of this?

Many thanks to you all.
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Every car with a bucket seat I've driven in the back flexes a little.
If you're really worried about it, check that the bolts holding the seat bottom to the floor are tight.
Not sure what the torque spec is, but I'm sure someone can find it and post it.

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I have checked the floor bolts and those are tight. I have tried to lift on the seat and the mounts to the floor don't budge.
I've had a number of bucket seat equipped vehicles and the only time I ever felt any give was in an 85 Trans Am and the seat broke, leaving me laying in the back seat (thankfully it was on a back road and I was not far from home).

I don't consider myself the paranoid type, but if something is on the verge of failure I'd rather replace it before it breaks than after. :)
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