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Front windscreen replacement ‘19 ex hybrid gap

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So was unfortunate enough after only a few months to gain a crack in screen. Windscreen was replaced by a major Uk windscreen company under insurance and re calibrated.

Due to very poor weather, I’ve now checked the car and found the gap at bottom on screen is this normal? due to distance I can’t check any at local dealership ?

pics below

Hood Automotive tire Water Automotive exterior Bumper

Automotive tire Wood Stairs Automotive exterior Bumper

before I call up, I didn’t want to be that customer … anyone else have this ?
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That gap is cosmetic.

By this I mean that it is not part of any weather seal (the adhesive beading for the front glass does all that). The plastic piece is very soft and pliable, easily distorted, and is simply there for cosmetics and to form a water tray to drain water off the front glass area in front of the hood.

It was probably just twisted and deformed a bit when they removed it and then reinstalled it after the glass was replaced.

I bet when the weather warms up and that front plastic assembly will seat-in and there will be no further gap. But I am sure the glass shop who replaced the glass can address the issue fairly easily.
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